WHO Nearly 2,000 People Dead Since the Start of the Conflict in Yemen

Published on 28 May 2015 in News
Yemen Times Staff (author)

The World Heath Organization (WHO), said that around 2000 people have been killed and 8000 injured including women and children since the beginning of the conflict.

Many people in Yemen feel that they are victims of this war, “We are the ones dying, those corrupt leaders and politicians they are living and us who have no alliances to any political parties, we suffer,  we don’t care about Houthis but the strikes are hitting our homes and killing our children, we just want to live” said a 55 years old man who lost his house and 3 family members during the conflict.

According to the WHO Almost 8.6 million people are in urgent need of medical help. Hospitals and medical centers around the country have not been able to cope with the increasing numbers of people needing medical treatments especially those who come in critical conditions.

Doctors and medical staff have been saying that the situation is making it impossible for them to operate on patients. Lack of staff , fuel shortage, and lack of medicine and beds are challenges they have to deal with on a daily basis.

“My aunt has kidney failure, and she has to go for dialysis, the medical center told them that they cannot treat her anymore because there is no electricity and no fuel, she hasn’t gone for a week, she’s just sitting waiting to die,” said Laila who is currently trying to find another medical center for her aunt close by. Many patients are also facing the same problem as centers are either closed down or over occupied.

Although aid continues to reach Yemen from different organizations and countries, it is still insufficient, as the demand is much higher.

(Source: YemenTimes.com)

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