3 Pinoys Among 44 ‘Terror Suspects’ Nabbed in Saudi Arabia – Arab News

By: InterAksyon.com
January 4, 2016 9:16 PM

MANILA, Philippines — Three Filipinos were among 44 persons with alleged links to terrorism who were arrested last month during a week-long operation by Saudi authorities, the newspaper Arab News reported.

In a report on its online portal (http://www.arabnews.com/saudi-arabia/news/859961), the outfit said the December 23 to 31 operation by “special authorities” netted “44 suspects, including three Filipinos, five Syrians, four Yemenis, a Sudanese and 31 Saudis.”

It did not identify any of the arrested suspects.

“The largest number of arrests were made on the first day of the operation, with 10 Saudis and one Yemeni being arrested,” the report said. “Nine suspects, including three Syrians were arrested the following day. Ten suspects were rounded up on the fifth day of the operation, including seven Saudis, a Yemeni, a Sudanese and a Syrian.”


(Source: InterAksyon.com)

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