How to Amend SSS Membership’s Data

Every Filipino employee and OFW is entitled to be member of the Social Security System or SSS.  They have to fill out an SSS membership form and pay the monthly contribution.  However, question arises on how one would change the information on their data when one is married, when there is correction of name or date of birth and if there is change or additional beneficiaries.

 Changes in a member’s record should be reported immediately to the nearest SSS office.  This should be done by accomplishing SSS Form E-4 or the Member’s Data Change Request Form.

 Together with this duly accomplished form, submit the original or certified true copy of the following requirements depending on which amendment you’ll make:

  1. For correction of name and/or date of birth – Birth certificate.  If the birth certificate can’t be presented, any of the following must be submitted.
  • Certificate of non-availability of Birth Records from the City/Municipal Registrar/National Statistics Office (NSO)/National archives for the previously recorded and alleged correct name/date of birth.
  • Any two of these secondary documents showing the correct name/DOB – baptismal certificate, driver’s license, GSIS Member Record, Life Insurance Policy, Marriage Contract, NBI Clearance, Pag-Ibig Fund Member Data Record, Unexpired Passport, Record of Employment, School Records, TIN ID, or Voter’s ID.
  • If for the correction to totally different name/middle name, joint Affidavit of two persons who have personal knowledge of the facts and circumstances in the use of the different names/middle names.

  1. For change of civil status.
  • If from single to married – marriage contract.
  • If widowed – death certificate of spouse.
  1. For new/additional beneficiary/dependent.
  • Marriage certificate if spouse.
  • Birth certificate if children.
  1. For deletion of beneficiary.
  • If from parents/other person to spouse- marriage certificate.
  • If from parents/person other than the spouse to children – birth certificate.
  • If from spouse to another spouse, whichever is applicable – death certificate, certificate of finality of annulment, certificate of finality of nullity, certificate of finality of declaration of presumptive death, decree of divorce and certificate of naturalization or its equivalent and certificate of divorce if Muslim member.

SSS Form E-4 should be filled out in two (2) copies with no erasures or alterations.  This should be submitted to the nearest SSS office personally with valid identification documents. If the amendment is to be filed by an authorized representative or company representative, a letter of authority and Authorized Company Representative Card (ACR) or LOA and their two valid ID’s should be presented together with the member’s SS card and two valid ID’s also.

(Source: OFW Guide)

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