Bangladeshis Rush to get Saudi Work Visas

Thousands of Bangladeshi citizens have gathered in front of the government employment office in their country after hearing about direct job opportunities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

According to the Daily Bengali newspaper, the number of people who came to the recruitment office was estimated at 5,000 job seekers, all of whom arrived with their documents to register for the jobs.

Job seekers climbed the walls of the recruitment office in attempt to register their names and get a job in Saudi Arabia, after it opened its recruitment doors to Bangladesh.

Political Discourse Center’s executive president in Bangladesh, Mustafa Firouz, said unemployment levels in his country are estimated at five percent, which, according to him, was the reason behind the overcrowding at the recruitment office.

The low cost of travel encouraged people to get a job in Saudi Arabia and the educated sector generally is not opposed to working in low-level jobs to get financial returns.


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