Beware of “St. Giles Hospital” Job Scam!

Naglipana pa rin ang mga scams sa Internet, Kabayan.

Kamakailan lamang ay may isang OFW na nagpunta dito sa aming opisina upang humingi ng tulong para maverify kung totoo nga ba ang kanyang natanggap na job offer sa email. Nakuha umano ang kanyang email mula sa isang site na

Ayon sa email, siya umano ay nakatanggap ng job offer para magtrabaho sa St. Giles Hospital sa United Kingdom,. Nagduda na kami at siya ay aming pinayuhan na baka scam ito. Tinulungan namin siyang iverify ang job offer sa pamamagitan ng pag-email sa POLO sa London at ito ang kanilang naging reply:


This is a scam. Please advise Mr. Ronillo Polpol to refrain from entertaining job offers from the internet and stop communicating with whoever is trying to recruit him. St. Giles Hospital is non-existing hospital in the UK per our verification with the UK Companies House. It is not also listed in the UK Border Agency Registry of Sponsors authorized to sponsors overseas workers to work in the UK. Most offers from the internet are scams, and they would even try to use licensed establishment and/or persons to make it appear that they are connected with them. May we refer to you the conditions of the UKBA on issuing visas for applicants who wish to work in the UK. Please see this link

Below is an advisory from the Policy, Project and Strategic Communication Department of the UK Embassy in Manila for your guidance.

Please be reminded that Filipinos who wish to travel to the UK for any reason should know that all visa fees are paid in the Philippines, not in the UK. All UK visa applications for Filipinos are lodged at the local Visa Facilitation Centre in Makati City, Philippines. If your prospective employer asks you to send money overseas for visa processing or work permit, please exercise caution as this is a possible indicator of scam.

Also, attached are advisories issued by the Philippine Embassy-London, POEA, UK Home Office/Border Agency, and the UK Embassy in Manila. For legitimate job offers abroad, please refer to for approved job orders.

Huwag po kayong magpapaloko at huwag magbabayad kahit kanino.


Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO)
Philippine Embassy in London

(Source: OFW Watch, September 17, 2014)

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