Campaign to Focus on Runaway Workers

CONSTANT EFFORTS: There have been consistent efforts to ensure that workers are not flouting the rules and regulations

DAMMAM: The Passports Department in the Eastern Province (EP) has launched a campaign to raise awareness about runaway workers.

The drive, in cooperation with the EP Public Relations and Media Department, aims to alert citizens and residents that it is against the law to transfer, hire or give shelter to runaway expatriates.

The campaign organizers stressed that the sanctions against those found guilty for the above-mentioned crime include fines, defamation and imprisonment.

Some citizens said that the worst work contract is the one signed with runaway workers. They do not have any respect for the law, which prohibits them to work outside the scope of control. Some said that these irregular workers might commit acts may amount to intentional crimes.

Abdul Muttalib said: “It is important to see many such campaigns by the passport department against runaway workers. The construction sector is one of the most dangerous areas for hiring such workers who have no experience in this field.”

Some buildings have collapsed after construction due to this problem, added.

Some EP cities have witnessed several inspection campaigns, resulting in arrests of many irregular workers. Similar raids were carried out in several areas of Jubail and Qatif, including the fish and vegetable central market, where action was taken against a number of illegal workers.



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