Chinese Entrepreneurs Share Business Tips

MANILA – Chinese entrepreneurs are known for their good business practices which help them succeed in any industry.

In an interview on DZMM, Filipino-Chinese entrepreneurs Wilson Lee Flores and Bryan Go shared some time-tested tips that helped them succeed in their respective businesses.

Flores, who started in real-estate and sales, advised business owners to focus more on having a steady flow of income, rather than on earning big profits.

He applied this same principle in his own bakery business, Kamuning Bakery, known not only for its good-quality breads and pastries, but also for its low price.

“Kasi realistic ako. Nasa Barangay Kamuning ako, hindi ako nasa Brgy. Forbes, o White Plains, o Brgy. Rockwell, kaya kahit anong mangyari, kailangan mura lang,” he explained.

He added that having a steady volume of costumers will make up for the small profit.

“Kahit na ‘wag malaki ang kita, kahit hindi mahal ang presyo, basta lumaki ang volume lang, at ‘yung customer mo palaging nakukuha mo,” Flores said.

Go, on the other hand, said most Chinese business owners make sure that they know the ins and outs of their businesses, regardless of their position within the company.

“Sa Chinese business, mapa-ikaw ang manager, kapag wala ‘yung tauhan mo, ikaw ang gagawa,” Go said, adding that this makes Chinese business owners different from Western-trained business owners.

“Dahil napagdaanan mo lahat, lahat ng kalokohan, alam mo din,” Flores said.

According to both Flores and Go, most successful Chinese businesses in the country started small, and with enough patience, anyone can make their businesses grow.

Both businessmen also agreed that the best way to ensure success in business is to choose a product or industry a businessman is passionate about.

“Unang-unang kailangan i-consider ang passion nila for business,” Go said, adding that looking for a consultant can help in developing a business plan.

Flores, for his part, advised business owners to be frugal and to save their earnings for bigger things.

“Kailangan maging matipid…kailangang i-preserve mo ‘yung capital mo,” he added.


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