Civic Leader Josie Conlu-Romulo Finds a Great Job and Her ‘One True Love’ in Dubai

DUBAI: Working as a fashion model was fun for 39-year-old Josie Conlu-Romulo but stability was what she was looking for that after years of doing runway shows for different designers and brands in the Philippines, she decided to call it quits, packed her bag and took the first flight to Macau, China.

Josie worked as hotel ambassador at Starworld Hotel there for a while before she packed her bags again and took the next flight to Dubai.

“The temptation of earning more was the main factor why I decided to come and work in UAE.  It was 2009 when I came to Dubai and  I was blessed with an awesome work,” said Josie, currently working as a personal assistant.

She said she was quite content with her career and family life, raising her son, Zachary John, alone.  Josie admitted she had been engaged many times over but backed out from those commitments at the last moment. For her, she was yet to find the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with.

“I got engaged many times but I had a bad habit of running away from my wedding. This time, the Dubai encounter pushed through. ‘The One’  in Dubai made sure he will be the right man to put the wedding ring on my finger,” she bemused.

Having found her one true love at last, Josie now lives a blissful life. She couldn’t ask for more. She feels so blessed that she wants others around her to be blessed like her. To do this, she involved herself in community service for  Filipinos in Dubai.



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