DFA Raises Alert Level 4 in Yemen, Pushes Mandatory Repatriation

The Philippine government on Wednesday raised Alert Level 4 in Yemen, and required the mandatory repatriation of Filipinos there.

In a news release, the Philippine Embassy in Saudi Arabia said this is due to the “deteriorating political and security situation” in Yemen.

“All Filipinos are urged to contact the embassy’s team in Sana’a for assistance in the implementation of the mandatory repatriation of all Filipinos from Yemen,” it said.

It added all Filipinos are “urged to immediately leave Yemen on their own account, if possible.”

But for those who need embassy assistance for repatriation, it said the Philippine government will shoulder the one-way airfare and payment of immigration penalties of Filipinos needing assistance, “subject to applicable procedures.”

Filipinos may contact the embassy team in Sana’a at Movenpick Hotel at +967.73.384.4958 or cmt-sanaa@riyadhpe.com.

They should secure a “No Objection Certificate” from the sponsor of their entry or working visas and have the sponsor or employer arrange the exit visa.

Also, they should bring their original Philippine passport and NOC to the embassy team. Those with expired passports will be extended gratis.

For those who lost their passports, they should bring two ID-size photos for gratis issuance of Philippine travel documents.

They should also bring proof of Overseas Workers Welfare Administration membership if applicable.

Meanwhile, the embassy advised Filipinos to avoid unnecessary travel outside their homes, and not to join or be close to any protests, and avoid areas of conflict.

(Source: Joel Locsin/ELR, GMA News)

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