Do’s and Dont’s in Singapore

The Philippine Embassy in Singapore had prepared some guidelines for Filipinos to avoid circumstances they could possibly face. This also served as a reminder for Singapore-based Filipinos to observe proper behavior and to follow the laws and regulations of the host country.

The said guidelines would be as follows:

1. Obey the laws of the host country.  Filipinos are obliged to respect the laws and regulations of the host country, and should behave properly as guests and visitors who work, live or study in Singapore.

2. Respect the differences in culture.  Filipino should respect and be sensitive to the differences between Filipino and Singaporean culture.

3. Refrain from engaging in politics.  Filipinos should avoid involvement in political debates and activities in Singapore, especially during the election season as thisis a violation of the Singaporean laws.

4. Filipinos, including permanent residents, are not allowed to participate in political campaigns and do not have the right to vote in Singapore elections. Foreigners may be charged under the Societies Act, the Public Entertainment and Meetings Act, the Immigration Act, and/or the Penal Code if they engage in political activity in the city-state under Singapore laws.

5. Avoid participating in online debates, chats or blogs that are political in nature.  Avoid explicit negative comments, particularly racial or religious slurs and insults.  Participating on such acts may result in untoward incidents, possible loss of employment and investigation by authorities.


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