Egyptian Manager Faces UAE Court for Molesting Pinay Applicant

An Egyptian manager faced a United Arab Emirates court over accusations he molested a Filipina job applicant in a supposed job interview, a UAE news site reported Tuesday.

 But the 40-year-old manager insisted he touched the 21-year-old Filipina because he wanted to brush the dust off her clothes, Khaleej Times reported.

 The Egyptian was charged with molestation before the Court of First Instance. Prosecutors said he touched the Filipina inappropriately several times against her will.

 The court has set hearing to April 6.

 According to the Filipina, she arrived in the country with a visit visa and posted online that she was looking for a job. She included her mobile phone number in the post.

 The accused got in touch with the woman, claiming to be a manager of a Dubai-based company and looking for a secretary, and invited her to a job interview.

 On the day of the interview, the Filipina said the Egyptian met her outside a building in Al Muraqqabat, and he took her to “an empty and abandoned office full of dust on the fifth floor.”

 He then asked her some questions about her qualifications, then asked her to type some mails supposedly to check her skills. He then asked her to return the next day.

But when she stood up to shake his hands, she was surprised as he suddenly grabbed her hand and would not let go.

 “As I walked to the door, I found that it was locked. The key was with him,” she said, adding she then felt the Egyptian touching her inappropriately from behind.

 “I asked him, in shock, what he was doing and he said that he was cleaning the dust off my trousers. Even though I told him I would do that myself, he put his hand around my waist again and groped me. I took his hand off,” she said.

 The Filipina left the building and reported the incident to the police.

(Source: Joel Locsin/RSJ, GMA News)

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