Eida: Modification in ID Number Impossible

ABU DHABI: The Emirates Identity Authority (Eida) has confirmed that the ID number issued for each individual, whether a citizen or a resident, registered in the population register system is permanent, and cannot be modified or changed under any circumstances, media reports said.

It is a random number consisting of 15 digits, including a four-digit part that may match the year of birth of the ID card holder; however, the said part of the ID number does not match the year of birth necessarily and the figures mentioned do not represent the approved field that determines the date of birth of the card holder, reported WAM.

The authority reportedly said that the ID number is allocated for its holder for life and cannot be transferred to anyone else.

It is a unique number that may not be changed nor replicated, whether for citizens or residents, pointing out that in case the ID holder changed his date of birth, this does not allow him in any way to change the ID number issued to him, and in case the resident cancelled his residence visa and left the country, his ID number is not cancelled and a new ID card under the same number will be issued to him once he returns to the country, the report said.

The ID number constitutes a main way to verify the identity of the person and all the information records related to him are linked to the said number.

Abdul Aziz Al Maamari, Director of Government and Community Liaison Office at Emirates Identity Authority, reportedly explained that the ID number is divided into four parts: the first one consisting of the first three digits represents the international code of the UAE, followed by a four-digit part that may, and does not necessarily, match the year the birth of the card holder, reported WAM.

The third part of the number consists of seven random digits, and the last part consists of one digit which represents the verification number, the report said.


(Source: FilipinoTimes.ae)

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