Enjoy Unlimited Weight for Air Cargo this DSF with LBC Unli-Air Promo

DUBAI: Good news for kabayans who shopped for their padala this DSF season!

After giving away Dream Showcases from the last Padama sa Padala raffle promo, LBC, one of the leading courier and cargo service providers in the world, is bringing back the Unli-Air promo, which allows overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) in the UAE to enjoy secured sending of their air cargo with unlimited weight to the Philippines at an affordable cost.

LBC, one of the leading courier and cargo services in the world, has come up with the Unli-Air promo, which allows OFWs in the UAE to enjoy a secured, unlimited sending of their air cargo to the Philippines during Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) by paying flat rates.

“Filipinos love sale events and we know that OFWs here take advantage of this season to buy items not just for themselves but also for their loved ones back home,” said Mark Agalo-os, LBC vice president for Middle East Operations.

“DSF is the best season to fill up their balikbayan boxes and we want it to also be the best time to send as much padala as they want, that’s why we are bringing back the Unli-Air deal. With this unlimited offer, everyone can go unli-shopping and unli-sending with their loved ones receiving these packages within 7 days or less,” he added.

The DSF is one of the biggest annual nationwide sale events in line with the regular peak months in cargo.

Every year, LBC launches a promo in time for this season as many OFWs take advantage of the big sale and get to fill up their boxes during this season.

Last year, the LBC DSF promo launched a series of crazy discount deals and majority of the customers availed of the Unli-Air Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays offer.

The Unli-Air deal was offered on selected days to the first 200 customers.

This year, the promo runs from Jan. 20 to March 31. All OFWs need to do is pay flat Unli-Air rates and enjoy no per kilogram charging. They only have to make sure to fit everything in their LBC Balikbayan Box without enlarging or extending the box.

The offer is valid for pick-up and branch transactions. Prohibited items will still apply and manual inspection of the box will still be done upon pick-up or branch drop-off. Tax charges still apply for items such as electronics, luxury and branded products, among others.

LBC has, in November last year, launched its Air Cargo Money Back Guarantee Program, which offers a refund on service fees or paid declared value (whichever is higher) in case of total loss for customers who complied with the provided three point security checklist ensuring that box contents are properly packed and declared in the Packing List, no restricted items are included and that security tapes and seal are applied on the boxes (and fully explained by the LBC associate to the customer). See print ads for rates and other details.

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(Source: FilipinoTimes.ae)

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