Experts’ Tips: How You Can do Well in the Job Market

Given the current state of economy, the jobseekers ought to play it smart, as employers are likely to screen applicants more thoroughly.

Here are some tips straight from the recruitment executives themselves:

Always on top of the list: A promising CV and a smart job hunt are key.

“Make sure your resumés look good. Spend time on your resumé,” said Ian Giulianotti, director at Nadia Recruitment and Training in Dubai.

SuhailMasri, Vice President for Employer Solutions at,couldn’t be more specific: “Research, research, research. Who is hiring? What are they hiring? What keywords should you have on your CV? Research the market by reading company and industry literature and regional HR surveys that are specific to the recruitment needs of local employers.”

Masri said that as employers are looking for certain skills and qualifications, you need to make sure these skills and qualifications showup on your CV – tailor your CV to the job at hand; avoid typos and spelling mistakes; and list your achievements.

Networking: Sometimes, it’s whom you know that could get you that dream job.

Looking for a job is no time to be shy, hence talk to everybody about it and make sure your CV is circulating in the right circles.

“Network actively and aim to broaden your circle of acquaintances on a daily basis. It is true that networking cannot be that easy, especially if you are new to the city. So start by finding out from an updated UAE events page if there are any job fairs and industry expos or events happening that you can attend.”

Be your best self: Never stop learning.

You have to constantly and consciously reinvent yourself, testing your limits every now and then. Never say no to any opportunity that can develop your skills or let you acquire new ones, be it a seminar or an online course.

“If the economy is not at its best, you have to ensure that you are not easily replaceable,“ Masri said.



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