Filipina Jailed for Visa Forgery, Dh173K Fraud in Dubai

DUBAI: A Filipina was sent to jail for six months for defrauding a company manager of Dh173,000. The Court of First Instance found M.J guilty of forgery, use of forged documents and fraud.

The 29-year-old administration supervisor identified as M.J has been charged with forging a tourism business licence by forging details in a fabrics company licence copy, and replacing them with those of a travel and tourism agency permit, Khaleej Times reported.

M.J allegedly forged as many as 33 tourism visas by falsifying the details of entry permit copies.

The accused managed to trick an exhibition company manager into paying her Dh173000 by convincing her that she would handle the visas and tickets of the groups that would attend an event organized by the complainant’s company, the report said.

She was assisted by a runaway accomplice who sustained her claims about their bogus travel and tourism agency, it added.

She will be deported after serving her jail term. The case dates back to March 15, said the news portal.

The complainant, also a Filipina reportedly told the investigators that M.J offered to bring 93 Filipinos including 75 basketball players to attend a basketball tournament. “She claimed she had a travel and tourism agency and that she would have the visas issued for them.”

M.J reportedly signed a contract with the other company by falsely claiming she was the director of the bogus travel and tourism agency.

“We paid her Dh173000 which covered the visa issuance costs and the travel tickets. But we found later that M.J. did not honour her part of the agreement.”

A police lieutenant said that M.J admitted to the charges during the interrogation. The verdict may be appealed within 15 days, Khaleej Times reported.



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