Filipina’s Testimony Puts Medicine Thief Behind Bar in Dubai

DUBAI: A driver for a pharmacy has been given six months’ imprisonment for stealing Dh27,000 worth of sex enhancement pills while transferring them from one branch to another after a Filipina and other colleagues testified against him.

The Pakistani driver, S.C., stole 63 packs of sex enhancement pills, other medicines and toothpaste in May, Gulf News reported.

The Dubai Court of First Instance convicted S.C. of robbing his employer after he pleaded guilty, the report said, adding that the accused will be deported following the completion of his jail term.

An Egyptian pharmacist reportedly testified that the defendant worked for the pharmacy branch at Jumeirah Palm, the news report said.

“We discovered the robbery just ten days after having placed an order for sex enhancement pills. Shortly after the items were delivered, a customer walked into the pharmacy and wanted to buy a pack. When the assistant pharmacist went inside to get a pack, she discovered that the pills were missing.

“We searched for the packs and didn’t find them. When we checked the surveillance cameras installed inside the pharmacy, we spotted the defendant walking out of the door to make a delivery. The CCTV footage showed S.C carrying the delivery bag and another garbage bag that seemed like it contained a box,” said the pharmacist.

Upon confronting the accused, according to the pharmacist’s statement, S.C. said he had taken out a garbage bag and thrown it away, the report said.

“We called the staff for an urgent meeting and it was announced that the management would be lenient with the suspected staff who had stolen the sex enhancement pills. Immediately after that announcement, the defendant asked what assurance was there that he would be pardoned,” he reportedly said.

When he defended himself in court, the defendant asked for leniency, said the news portal.

A Filipina assistant pharmacist told prosecutors: “Initially the accused said he took the garbage bag [that contained the stolen pills] from me … but later he denied it. It is against the pharmacy’s policy to sell any product without a receipt.”

The accused admitted to prosecutors that he stole the sex enhancement pills, neck massager, toothpaste and medical gum, Gulf News reported.



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