Filipino Fixes Camera to Watch Flatmate in Bathroom

DUBAI: A Filipino fixed a camera in the bathroom of his flatmate and recorded her naked, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

MO, 42, accountant, rented a flat of two bedrooms, a hall and three washrooms. He fixed a partition in the hall and made it two bedrooms.

He kept a bedroom for his family and sub-let the rest of the flat,.

His compatriot, AS, 34, supervisor, rented a room that was part of the hall. She with another woman, who rented the other part of the hall, shared a bathroom.

On September 28, at around 10am she took a bath and while taking the towel, she noticed a hole in the fore ceiling .

“I checked the matter and noticed a camera been fixed there. It was exactly above of the bathtub. After discovering the camera, I told the other woman who shares with me the bathroom. As we were sure of the camera, we called the police,” said AS.

Police were rushed to the flat. It checked the wire connections of the camera. It was found out that the camera was connected to a radio receiver and a monitor and frequency controller in the forefeeling of the bathroom that the accused uses with his wife and child.

Police arrested, MO, who was outside the house, and confronting him with the accusation, he admitted to fixing the camera.

He admitted that he watched his flatmates live while taking bath.



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