French Embassy in Manila Denies Reports of Schengen Visa Suspension

MANILA – There is no truth to reports that Schengen visas to France has been suspended following terror attacks carried out in Paris last week.

The clarification was made by the Embassy of France in Manila.

In a statement, the embassy said Tuesday the French government has decided to re-establish internal border controls after the attacks in Paris on November 13.

“This decision does not affect the validity of visas previously issued by French consulates or Schengen missions across the world, which should continue to allow entry in France and/or free circulation within the Schengen area,” the embassy said.

The embassy added that to facilitate border entry, holders of Schengen visas are requested to have in their possession all documents justifying their trip to France.

Last Friday’s suicide bombings and shootings in Paris left over a hundred people dead.



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