Guide Steps to Work Abroad for Filipinos

Working abroad is the option most Filipinos see as a way to ensure a better future for their family than finding a job here in the Philippines.

With such desperation, many Filipinos fall as prey of illegal recruiters and recruitment agencies taking advantage of them.

Here are some of the procedures for a legal deployment process: 

An interview by the employer. The foreign employer’s interview will be set on a specific date and only shortlisted applicants will be given the chance to be interviewed. This may be a face to face interview or via Skype.  Some agency just sends the applicants resume via email and then the employer will just response as to whom he had chosen to hire by sending an acceptance letter.

A contract or job offer signing. The contract should specify details about the salary, benefits, job title, job description, etc. You should understand what your contract says before signing it. Contracts should also have a copy in English version.

What OFWs Ought to Know About the Employment Contract

Unlimited and Limited Contract: The Difference

Submission of required documents. Filipinos who want to work abroad are usually ask for documents like passport, NBI clearance, transcript of records, passport photo, license if necessary, training certificates etc.

Undergo a medical exam. All Filipinos should take the pre-employment medical exam as a proof that they are fit to work abroad on the specified job opening. This must be done only after if you have passed the employer’s interview and you are accepted or hired, so as not to waste much money by taking the medical exam.

Note: Pay directly to the clinic for your medical exam and not to the agency.

Medical Exam Needed Before Pinoys Can Go Abroad

Issuance of your work permit/visa. Your visa will only be processed once your medical exam certifies that you are fit to work abroad. Processing fee for your visa is to be shouldered by your employer.

The flight schedule and ticket. Once your visa is released and your agency has it, they will give you your flight schedule and ticket. Remember that your ticket is also to be shouldered by your employer since they need you to work for them.

Overseas Employment Certificate or OEC processing. The OEC, which is to be obtained from the POEA, will be your proof that you are a valid OFW who will work abroad. OWWA membership, PhilHealth and Pag-IBIG benefits are your privileges as a legitimate OFW. You can’t leave the Philippines to work abroad without your OEC since it should be presented to the Immigration officer stationed at the airport.

Overseas Employment Certificate or OEC: What is it for?

Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar or PDOS. This is a mandatory requirement by the POEA for every Filipino who is going to work abroad. It is the last process your agency will ask you to comply before you can leave. The seminar will give you the information you need about your destination country.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: You can’t take the PDOS if you don’t have a visa yet.


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