Hotel Worker Steals $300 from Safe Box of Visitor

DUBAI: A Filipino worker in a hotel allegedly stole US$300 from the safe box of a visitor’s room after knowing the secret number she had used, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

On September 18, EV, 35, Russian visitor rented a room in a hotel at Al Riqqa Street.

On the following day, she put her money, US$2,200 and some belongings in the safe box of the room which she shared with her two relatives.

She used her birthday as the secret number and left the room at around 10am.

She returned to the room at around 2.30pm and at 5pm she opened the safe box to find her purse which she put it deep inside was in the front.

“I was shocked to find it in this place, so I opened it and counted my money. I found out that US$300 were missing. I complained with the hotel’s administration who checked the CCTV recordings.

She was asked to lodge a complaint with Al Murraqabat police station.

“At the police station, I was told that my relatives might have taken the money, so I dropped the complaint. Upon my return to the hotel, I was told that police have arrested a worker in the hotel for his involvement in the theft,” said the victim.

LB, 37, admitted to opening the safe box in the victim’s room and stealing the amount.

The court will give its verdict on December 31.



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