Immigration Canada Announces Changes in Caregiver Program

CANADA – The much-awaited reforms to the Live-In Caregiver Program are out.

In a press conference in Toronto, Immigration Minister Chris Alexander announced an end to the live-in requirement, making it optional for caregivers and their employers.

“That’s an end to the live-in requirement which among other benefits, will help ensure that caregivers are better protected against abuse,” Alexander said.

Alexander also revealed two new pathways to permanent residency for caregivers — one for families needing childcare, and another for seniors or healthcare facilities.

Both promise a faster route to permanent residency as soon as the two-year contract as caregiver is completed.

“One pathway for childcare providers and another pathway for those supporting individuals of high medical needs. Not only will these pathways lead to six months processing time, but caregivers will have better career opportunities and increased wages,” Alexander said.

The faster processing time comes as government solves a huge backlog for applications under the caregiver program.

But the new program will also cap the number of applicants to a total of 5,500 per year for both pathways.

The reforms are a small victory for some caregivers who have been demanding no less than permanent status upon arrival.

“The Caregivers’ Action Centre and caregivers in general are truly disappointed by the recent announcement by the Minister of Immigration on the changes to the Live-In Caregiver Program.
We are disappointed because we have been asking for permanent residency for caregivers on arrival. It wasn’t given, and there were so many vague announcements we could not understand,” said Pura Velasco, spokesperson for the Caregivers’ Action Centre.

The government will start the two new pathways for caregivers coming to Canada by November 30.

(Source: ABS CBN News)

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