‘King’ Accused of Abusing Filipina Waitress in Dubai

DUBAI: A man, nicknamed ‘the king’, has been accused of having forced sex with a Filipina waitress in the back seat of his car and threatening to kill her, according to a media report.

The 25-year-old Pakistani man, S.S., was said to have familiarised himself with the 29-year-old Filipina in a mall where he alleged to her at her workplace that he could have her hired for a better salary where he worked in July, reported Gulf News.

“He shouted at me saying ‘I am the king and everybody calls me the king’ when I refused to have sex with him in his car. Then he forced me to the back seat and raped me twice,” the Filipina was quoted as testifying to prosecutors.

Prosecutors reportedly charged S.S. with raping the waitress and threatening to kill her if she told anyone about the rape.

“I did not have sex with her and I did not threaten to kill her,” the defendant reportedly told the Dubai Court of First Instance.

According to the charge sheet, prosecutors was quoted as saying that the suspect abused the fact that the waitress was alone with him in his car when he had forced sex with her. He also threatened to kill her.

His lawyer reportedly asked presiding judge Fahd Al Shamsi to adjourn the case until she obtains a waiver from the claimant [Filipina] as they are currently negotiating a compensatory amount.

The 29-year-old woman claimed to prosecutors that she and her countrywoman provided the suspect with their contact details after he promised to have them hired at his workplace for higher salaries, said the Dubai-based news portal.

“He communicated with me on WhatsApp for a while and then he started discussing personal matters. He also sent me love messages and asked me if I had any relationships or if I had ever had a boyfriend. I blocked him on WhatsApp and stopped answering his calls or messages. One day my colleague told me that she spotted him following her to the building where we live. He visited me at work and blamed me for not communicating with him … I scolded him and asked him to stop visiting me at work and begged him to stay away because I did not want to lose my job. One day he called me at 2am. I asked him to stop harassing me. Then he told me that he was waiting under the building … so I went down to put an end to his harassment. He asked me to go for a ride with him otherwise he wouldn’t stop harassing or chasing me. He drove until 4am and during that time he told me that he loved me and desired me. I refused to be his girlfriend and told him I was not interested. He parked in a dark area behind a hotel on Shaikh Zayed Road and asked me to have sex with him. I refused. He shouted at me ‘I am the king and I do what I want’. He then raped me the first time. When I tried to put on my clothes, he yelled at me and raped me again,” she reportedly testified.

According to records, the woman’s aunt overheard her crying and telling her mother what had happened to her on Skype before they reported the matter to the police, the Gulf News report said.


(Source: FilipinoTimes.ae)

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