Labor Ministry Warns Unlicensed Recruitment Firms

RIYADH: The Labor Ministry has reiterated its call to various firms and individuals not to deal with unlicensed establishments for recruitment services, with special reference to household workers.

“They are requested to deal with officials and licensed firms approved by the ministry, which are available on its portal, Musaned,” said Khaled Abal-Khail, director general of media at the ministry.

He renewed his call to report irregularities or problems faced in recruiting to officials as that allows the client to submit complaints electronically through its website.

Abal-Khail issued his notice following disclosure that the Labor Ministry is to launch a website linking recruitment services electronically. By carrying out recruitment online, the current system will be replaced.

“With this service, clients will be able to perform all recruitment procedures with the recruitment office electronically, without the need for direct contact,” he said.
The ministry has also announced that a total of 166 firms have been fined to the tune of SR3 million over the past 10 months.

According to the ministry, those firms did not comply with regulations in terms of the period and costs of recruitment related to domestic workers as stated on Musaned.

He explained that the irregularities were noted in the Eastern Province (SR1.2 million), followed by Riyadh region with about SR1 million and Makkah with SR450,000.

He added that the number of clients who have benefited from visas provided by the site amounted to approximately 109,000 since the launch of the



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