Man Faces Trial for Rape Threat to Filipina in Dubai

DUBAI: A Pakistani driver followed a Filipina to her villa, and threatened her in order to rape her late February night, the Dubai Criminal Court was told.

Prosecutors told the court that the accused Y K, 26, chased his 32-year-old victim, D P at about 2am on February 9 as she was walking home from her shift at work, reported Gulf News.

“I stepped out of a taxi and started walking home when I felt someone stalking me, so I walked faster,” the receptionist was quoted as saying.

She added that the defendant tried to grab her by the leg but failed, after which she ran home to Al Satwa. She then tried to shut the door but the driver pushed it.

“But I managed to close the door and lock it and started shouting at him, then I heard him leave,” D P, who called police reportedly said.

When they arrived, officers found that the defendant had been apprehended by a number of Filipino men who responded to the victim’s screams, said the news portal.

“We found him sitting on the floor surrounded by a number of men, who said that he tried to rape the victim after following her home but, when she screamed, they heard her and came then saw him at the door, at which point he tried to run away but they caught him,” said policeman A M, 31.

He added that the defendant confessed to him and said that what he did was wrong and that he asked for forgiveness.

However, Y K denied a sexual assault charge in court, reported Gulf News, adding that he awaits a verdict on December 30.



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