Manicurists Jailed for Filing False Case in Dubai

DUBAI: Five Filipina manicurists have been jailed for three months each for falsely testifying that they were sexually assaulted by their boss because they wanted to quit their jobs, according to a media report.

Dubai Criminal Court was told that Filipinas M A, J D, W J, E P, and R K, all aged between 23 and 32, worked at a beauty salon in Bur Dubai and plotted to frame their male boss in a criminal case so they could return home to the Philippines, reported The National.

Prosecutors reportedly charged the five with giving false testimonies under oath at Dubai Public Prosecution on May 12 last year in a case of sexual assault and incitement for committing a sin.

The women reported the salon owner to police, who referred it to prosecutors. During interrogations, prosecutors said the testimonies of the women differed, which made them suspicious, said the Abu Dhabi-based news portal.

Prosecutors then reportedly summoned the five women’s Filipina supervisor, E P, 36, when she got back from annual leave, which she was on when the case was filed.

She reportedly told prosecutors that she had been working with the salon owner for 11 years and had never seen any inappropriate behaviour from him.

“I was stunned when I was told what the women said,” the supervisor was quoted as saying.

All five women had never complained about him since they started work there and that he had always been caring and decent with all of them, the supervisor added.

Shortly before she went on leave, the supervisor reportedly said the women had expressed a wish to resign and return home but she told them to wait until she had returned from her holiday.

“It’s obvious they had planned this to be sent back to the Philippines,” the supervisor said.

She added that the salon owner “paid all medication costs for R K when she fell sick, and offered his help to any of them who needed it. He is a good man”.

In court last August, the women did not come from their prison cells to face the charge against them and were sentenced in their absence to three months in jail, to be followed by deportation, reported The National.



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