Motorists Warned Against Use of Warning Systems in Vehicles


RIYADH: The traffic directorate has issued a directive to its field patrols to apply and follow up on the ban of light and sound warning systems on public vehicles, according to Article 29 which bans unauthorized sound or light systems and penalizes those who violate it.

The general traffic directorate also issued a directive to follow up on owners who install these systems without permission from relevant authorities.

The directorate called on people who drive government non-security vehicles, as well as companies and individuals, to remove this equipment and approach the traffic safety directorate to correct their status during a period that doesn’t exceed two months from the date of its announcement.

This warning came after the directorate noticed the increasing phenomenon of installing small safety devices in a manner similar to that found in police cars, violating traffic regulations issued upon a royal decree, in addition to violating the executive list of the traffic system.

Traffic violations are categorized into four categories. The first is for violations such as driving without a driver’s license; driving a vehicle without number plates; using number plates that don’t belong to the car; using illegal plates; and installing equipment similar to that used in official and emergency cars.

The penalty for these violations is a minimum fine of SR500 and a maximum of SR900, and impounding of the car.

The second category includes making modifications to the body of a car; operating public works vehicles without taking the necessary safety procedures; operating a vehicle that causes environmental pollution; over speeding; tampering with road signs, failing to stop at check points; or failing to abide by traffic regulations at intersections. The penalty for these offenses is a minimum fine of SR300 and a maximum of SR500, and impounding of the car.

The third category concerns the absence of regulatory requirements for a trailer; failure to subject the vehicle to periodic technical testing; failure to take the necessary procedure for making an emergency stop; putting obstacles inside the vehicle that block the vision of the driver; not carrying the driver’s license in the driver’s person while driving; leaving the vehicle on a sloping road without taking the necessary precautions; and violating traffic regulations on the road. A fine no less than SR150 and not more than SR300 will be applied.

The fourth category is for violations such as using unauthorized devices or putting up posters that violate general morals; leaving vehicles on a public road; throwing waste outside the vehicle; operating the vehicle without front number plates and leaving the vehicle while it is moving. A minimum fine of SR100 and a maximum of SR150 will be imposed, reported Al-Eqtisadiah.



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