Municipality Dismantles Chaotic Wood and Bricks Market in Makkah

Badea Abu Al-Naja

DEVELOPMENT projects in the holy city of Makkah have helped dismantle many of the slums in the city’s outskirts where illegal migrants had found a safe haven.

However, these people are now on the move, looking for alternative locations to settle down. Al-Okashiah, a neighborhood about 10 kilometers south of the central area of Makkah, is their favored destination.

Seven months ago, a group of the illegal migrants established a random market in the area to sell wood and bricks. The municipality was able to dismantle the market, only to see the market coming back to life at the same location two months later. Municipality inspectors had to revisit the market and shut it down.

A number of citizens have said the market is full of illegal residents and people from different backgrounds and nationalities without any proof of identity. They say the market poses as a threat to citizens and expatriates living in neighboring areas, especially as the illegals use the market as a cover to hide their criminal activities from the eyes of the authorities.

The lack of safety measures in the random market could also lead to fires.
Residents demanded that supervisory bodies such as the police, Civil Defense and Passport Department intensify their efforts to rid the city of criminals and illegal residents. They commended the efforts of the municipality in keeping a close eye on the market and shutting it down more than once.

Media and public relations manager at Makkah Municipality Osama Zaytuni said Al-Okashiah branch municipality successfully dismantled one random market where a group of illegal migrants sold used wood and bricks in total disregard for people’s safety. “The market distorts the image of the city and threatens its environmental safety,” said Zaytuni. He said the municipality had closed down the market twice and took steps to make sure that it would not come up again.

He said the market had been completely removed seven months ago. However, with field teams of the municipality being busy  serving the pilgrims during the Haj seasons, the illegal were able to reopen the market. “The municipality managed to shut it down and will keep monitoring it so that no one can resume selling activities there,” said Zaytuni.



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