Mystery Disease Turns Out to be Malaria

The Ministry of Health dismissed rumors circulating in the social media that a mysterious virus has spread at Baish Hospital in Baish, a town north of Jazan city with a 90,000 population, causing many infections.

The dismissal, which came in a Jazan health department statement on Saturday, said that the director general of the department, Ahmad Al-Sahli, had ordered the formation of a team to investigate the matter.

“All the cases claimed to be victims of the mysterious virus were of illegal expatriate patients who crossed the border to enter the Kingdom without identification papers. They were diagnosed with malaria and admitted to hospital on humanitarian grounds,” the department said.

“This conclusion was reached following the formation of a specialist surveillance team that has reviewed the records of all cases admitted to the hospital. These records included those of departments of emergency, laboratory and hospitalization,” it added.

“The surveillance team gave reassurances that there was no mysterious virus and the overall health situation in the hospital and the town is satisfactory, thanks to Allah, ” the department stressed.

Commenting on the case, ministry spokesman Khaled Mirghalani told Arab News that the public should ignore rumors and instead investigate matters and know the truth from the ministry.

He emphasized that the ministry’s policy has always been to maintain transparency with public in matters related to public health and that Jazan health department’s announcement comes as part of this policy.


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