OFW Killed in HK Crash Caused by Runaway Truck

A 52-year-old Filipino domestic helper was killed while her employer was badly hurt when their vehicle was hit by a cement mixer in Hong Kong on Monday, reports said.

A report on the South China Morning Post said the Filipina was pulled out of the wreckage 50 minutes after the incident by responding firemen who took an hour to cut open the roof of the car.

The Filipina, whom the reports did not identify, and her employer were taken to Queen Mary Hospital, but the Filipina died later.

A separate report on Ejinsight said the Filipino was 53 years old and was pronounced dead on the way to the hospital.

According to the report, the driver of the cement mixer lost control of the vehicle at 5 p.m. Monday, ramming into a light goods van and causing it to somersault into a purple car which was propelled into the opposite lane and hit a seven-seater van. The accident happened along Pok Fu Lam Road.

The driver was arrested after he was taken to the hospital along with the drivers of the other vehicles.

Ejinsight said investigators found the 30-ton truck way to heavy for the side road, which can only carry vehicles weighing 3 tons or less.

(Source: Rie Takumi/KBK, GMA News)

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