OFWs’ Perception of New Year & their New Year’s Resolutions

Whether we admit it or not, we all have made a New Year’s resolution at one point in our lives. Why? Maybe we want to break a bad habit. Maybe, we want some change to happen in the near future. Maybe, we want to get a higher paycheck. Whatever the reason is, one thing is for sure, we want to be a better person each year.

And so, as Kabayan Weekly welcomes 2015, let’s see how some of our kababayans perceive New Year’s resolution, the importance of making one, and their New Year’s resolutions, if they have any. We suggest that you keep this page, and go back to everything you have written here before closing 2015. Happy New Year!

Jaimard Cabanag, 29, Document Controller

  1.       New Year is the start of new journey, additional life and realization of all what you did in the past year. Time to change if there’s need to change and time to thank God for another journey to come.
  2.       New Year’s resolution is part of tradition that you can’t deny. But for me New Year’s resolution is a guide on your fulfilment for all your goals. But important things are your belief and trust to Him. Because nothing is impossible in Him.
  3.       My New Year’s resolution, makakuha ng license, makuha ko kapatid ko and to give more time to my family even though [I am] so busy, and to spend more time with my loved ones.

Ricardo Julio Largoza, 33, Sales Associate

  1.       My perception for New Year is the start of our new life. We should forget all the bad things/memories happened last year and we should focus for the good things for the coming year.
  2.       For us to have a goal and focus in life.
  3.       Healthy living. Avoid vices. More exercise

Christine, 26, Office Manager F&F Businessmen Service

  1.       My perception about New Year is making more productive in terms of financial as well as to be more productive to serve the Lord because it reminds me that life is too short.
  2.       New Year resolution is important as it will remind you that you wish yourself to be or what you want to change.
  3.       I am not that much fan of New Year resolution as it [is] nonsense if you will be the same. However, I always wish myself to be more active and to be always God-fearing.

Dom, 29, Technician

  1.       Perception of New Year, it is going to be a great year for me. I’m looking forward for greater opportunities
  2.       New Year resolution is important because it’s like you are setting important goals for you to achieve in the whole coming year
  3.       My New Year resolution is to stay more positive, work harder and always seek for greater opportunities without sacrificing my moral values.

Bernard Sanchez, 43, PRT Controller

  1.       New Year is one of the important occasions that every OFW likes to celebrate together with his/her family.
  2.       It is important in the sense of having a specific goal or plan you want to do or achieve not only for yourself but for your loved ones as well.
  3.       Simple yet very significant New Year’s resolutions, I need to focus on eating the right food to stay fit and healthy so that I would be able to continue working. It’s really hard to get sick when you’re alone and away from your loved ones. Importantly, I must start saving money seriously for my kids’ education and retirement plans.

Socoro Magramo

  1.       It is to reminisce what we have done for many years away from our families and from our beloved country! Is my life as OFW is worth enough to be called a modern hero? Did I spend my salary wisely which came from my own sweat and hard labor? Whatever the answer is, New Year’s Resolution is a help and guide to review my life as an OFW.
  2.       As an OFW, I think it is important to have a New Year’s Resolution as a guide and reminder to our day to day living
  3.       To save more for the future and give more attention for my own needs as I always give priority to others’ needs.

Remigio Gatus Jr., 24, Cashier

  1.       It’s just another year on which the calendar goes back to Jan 1.
  2.       It is not that important for I make my resolutions in any time of the year. [It] doesn’t make much difference as long as you are motivated to fulfil your resolutions.
  3.       If I had one, I’d always tell myself to be a better person than yesterday.

Angelica Biasca, Credit Card Marketer, Deira

  1.       New Year means new hope and new beginnings.
  2.       New Year’s resolution is not important as long as you are doing good to others and not being opportunistic to their weaknesses.
  3.       To find a new job.

Michelle Javier, Bank Teller, Karama

  1.       Ang Bagong Taon po is a chance of starting a new life and learning from the mistakes I made in 2014.
  2.       New Year’s resolution is not important because it is just a cliché and often it is a one day resolution not one year.
  3.       To make wise decisions.

Geofry Barlisan, Free Zone Company Messenger, Ajman

  1.       New Year is a celebration of new or fresh starts.
  2.       It is important because it will serve as a gentle reminder of what I promise to God and myself for the coming year.
  3.       To drive safely and have savings for my family.

Jackie Lopez, Saleslady, Hor Al Anz

  1.       I think the New Year will give me a better year ahead compared to my 2013 and 2014.
  2.       It is very important for me, because I usually use my New Year’s resolution as a guide to the failures that I made in the past years.
  3.       To pray hard so that God will grant my wish to have a better job with better benefits.

Mitch Cunanan, Cashier, Al Rigga

  1.       New Year sa akin ay ang panahon upang maging masaya kahit may problema para pagpasok ng taon, magiging masaya rin ang buong taon.
  2.       Hindi ako gumagawa ng New Year’s resolution kasi nakakalimutan ko rin o nagiging pangarap lang siya kung hindi matupad.
  3.       Secret dapat ang New Year’s resolution kasi kung sasabihan yan, mawawala ang bisa.

Desiree Ocampo, Non-Profit Organization Owner, Satwa

  1.       This New Year is a time for me to slow down and take one day at a time.
  2.       It is important for me, because it will make me focus to my New Year’s priority lists and not jump from one thing to another.
  3.       To spend more time with my family, and make big plans for the weak and physically challenged individuals.

Mignon Pumaren, Dental Nurse, Abu Hail

  1.       New Year is not only a holiday but a time to relax and recharged myself for another year.
  2.       It is not important to have any resolution/s as long as I have my daily plans and I keep up with it.
  3.       If I will make a resolution, then it will be having a beautiful and lasting serious relationship.

Che Fernandez, Event Organizer, Bur Dubai

  1.       New Year is the time of transforming from a good to a better person.
  2.       It is 50/50 important… Sometimes I make it and sometimes I don’t.
  3.       To reduce more weight so that I can have my photo shoot sessions.

Ronald Zarraga, Human Resource personnel, Jebel Ali

  1.       This New Year is a new start for me as I was just promoted to another rank so it means more responsibilities and tasks to accomplish in 2015.
  2.       It does not matter whether you have one or not as long as you have good intentions and at the same time being thankful for what you have.
  3.       If I will make one, it would be for world peace and I will start it in my home.

Kaye Suarez, Caregiver, Mirdif

  1.       New Year is the time for reunion with family and friends. But as an OFW wherein I cannot go home this time, saying a prayer for family and friends will have the same effect.
  2.       I make New Years’ resolution/s to inspire me and make me motivated in the career I am into, like in caregiving right now.
  3.       To do my duty more systematically so that my patient will be more happy.

Rushelle Matibag

  1.       As an OFW, New Year signifies the additional year I’m far from my kids… I started to count the years I missed in my growing kids’ life.
  2.       You don’t need a New Year Resolution to change…  Each day should signify a new beginning.
  3.       Save… save… save… so the years I have to be far from my family will be lessen.

Saira Jane Tungol, Nurse, Dubai

  1.   New Year is the best time for people to start something new and different. It’s a new beginning which gives hope to the dreamers to persevere and hold on to their goals in life. It may take some time, but as long as you’re patient and passionate in all of your endeavors, life will offer you an avalanche of joyful things. Life is phenomenal. It’s a magnificent trip!
  2.   It is imperative to have a New Year’s resolution because we will never learn and ameliorate without objectives in life. We have to reflect and learn from our mistakes and failures. They are the sweetest spices of life. Without failures, we will never learn. If we want success, we shouldn’t search for it, but work hard for it. The best investment in life is not all about money, but OURSELVES. It starts from within. If we will invest for self improvement, everything that we will do will always be a success.
  3.   I only have three. First is self-discipline, next is to learn more, and most importantly is to dream big. If we have no dreams and ambitions in life, our world will be stagnant and limited. As a nurse and as a dreamer, I want to be limitless!

Renz Malabanan, Systems Engineer, 26

  1.       As an ofw, nakikita ko na magtatagal ako dito kung asan man ako ngayon for 5 – 10 yrs.
  2.       It is important because what you can perceive with yourself is actually your sense of direction or your goal. I should have evaluate myself on how can I achieve that.
  3.       My New Year resolution is to change all my bad habits that will block my way in achieving my goal.

Jackie Elona, Sales Associates, 29

  1.       It is the best time to reflect on both good and bad times I had in the previous year. New Year for me is a start of new life. Time to set new goals and continue what I haven’t done last year.
  2. New Year’s resolution is important because it sets the path for me. It’s planning things that I want to have and do in life.
  3.       The list of my New Year’s resolutions this 2015 is as long as my holiday shopping list. That includes less shopping, more rest.

(Source: Kabayan Weekly news – Kabayanweekly.com)

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