Petrol Prices Going Back Up

2015-0207 Petrol Prices Going Back Up

A customer prepares to fill the tank of her car. (Photo: Reuters)


Petrol prices are creeping back up, after falling in January to rates last seen in 2009.

Caltex and Shell revised their prices on Wednesday, followed by Esso yesterday, The Straits Times online reported.

The most popular petrol grade, 95-octane, now costs $1.83 a litre at Caltex and Shell, and $1.80 at Esso. Prices for the 98-octane grade range from Esso’s $1.94 to Shell’s V-Power for $2.30 a litre.

The cheapest-grade 92-octane is now $1.79 a litre at Caltex and $1.76 at Esso.

Pump prices at the Singapore Petroleum Company (SPC) have remained unchanged since Jan 15 – the price for 95-octane is $1.75 a litre, with 98-octane at $1.88 and 92-octane at $1.71.

Diesel at Caltex and Shell is now $1.32 a litre, $1.30 at Esso and $1.25 at SPC.

All prices are before discounts.

The benchmark Brent crude surged to US$57.91 (about S$78) on Tuesday.


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