Philippine-Qatar JV to Put Up New Hospital, More Jobs in the Offing

A Philippine-based medical group and Qatari business community plan to put up a new hospital in Qatar, which will create more job opportunities.

The proposal to construct a Filipino hospital would open jobs for Filipino doctors and other health workers, The Philippine Star reported.

“It’s a joint venture between Filipinos and Qatari nationals that could be the first of its kind in the country,” Labor Secretary Rosalinda Baldoz told the paper. “We, at the department, express high hopes for this proposal. This will mean additional opportunities for our Filipino medical professionals.”

Baldoz said she received a memo from the Department of Foreign Affairs stating plans of a Philippine-based medical group and Qatari business community to put up a new hospital.

Qatari investors would provide the land and the building, while the Filipino group would manage and provide staff for the hospital, she said.



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