Pinay in UAE Escapes Rape Try by Jumping from Building Window

A 21-year-old Filipina managed to escape an alleged rape try by asking her assailant for water then jumping from a building window in the United Arab Emirates.

The Filipina suffered broken ribs from the incident that happened last November, as indicated during a hearing at the Dubai Court of First Instance on Wednesday, UAE news site Khaleej Times reported.

Prosecutors said the suspect, a 28-year-old Pakistani driver, allegedly had the Filipina accompany him to his office, supposedly to get some documents.

Upon their arrival in office, the suspect allegedly locked the door and tried to rape the Filipina.

The suspect is charged with attempted rape with the use of force.

“I knew there was no way to escape but to trick him. I told him to move away from me for a while till I could catch my breath and prepare myself for him. I asked for a glass of water,” the report quoted the Filipina as saying.

According to her, the incident occurred at the Global Village at about 5:30 p.m. last Nov. 9.

Moreover, she said the suspect claimed he had to pick up some documents from his office in a building in Naif, adding that she went with him.

Once in the office, the suspect went to the washroom and came out shirtless, then turned off the lights.

She then sent a message seeking for help to her friend on his Facebook account, and then asked for a glass of water from her assailant.

The Filipina then walked to the window and took a chair to prop her up, and then told him she would jump, “but he just laughed,” the report quoted the Filipina as saying.

“I opened the window and jumped,” she said.

According to her, she lost consciousness. When she came to, she saw people around her. She was brought to a hospital, where she was told she had broken ribs.

Meanwhile, the Filipina’s 24-year-old Pakistani friend visited her in the hospital after receiving her message for help.

“She was crying and in severe pain. She could hardly speak,” the friend said.

On the other hand, a Pakistani salesman said that during the incident he heard a thud outside and saw the victim lying motionless.

“The window from which she fell was open. The lights were on then but were switched off shortly later,” he said, adding that he saw the defendant coming out of the building, dropping a woman’s purse near the victim and acting “as if he was talking on his mobile phone.”

“Some men tried to chase him, but he disappeared,” the salesman said.

A police officer said the suspect surrendered at the police station and “claimed he did not do anything that could have made her jump off the window.”

(Source: Joel Locsin/LBG, GMA News)

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