Pinoys in Saudi Told to Behave Online to Avoid Police

MANILA, Philippines — The Philippine embassy in Riyadh has advised Filipinos working in Saudi Arabia “to be responsible” in using social media to avoid possible encounters with the authorities.

“Filipinos in the Kingdom must exercise prudence and discretion in their use of various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter,” a statement from the embassy read. “Inappropriate posts or photographs on social media, intentional or not, may result in a police investigation that may further lead to legal or judicial action against the account owner.”

Middle East remains the largest market for Overseas Filipino Workers, and the biggest population can be found in Saudi Arabia which was at 382,553 as of 2013.

The Philippine embassy said their attention in the past have been called on social media cases involving Filipinos related to:

  • Pictures depicting use of alcohol and gambling;
  • Slanderous statements against co-workers or superiors;
  • Pictures depicting illicit relations;
  • Postings of lewd or sensitive photographs; and,
  • Possession of pornographic photos and videos

The embassy also advised Filipinos “not to engage in debates aimed at criticizing religion or political institutions.”

“As guests of the Kingdom, Filipinos are reminded to respect the culture, traditions, and religious beliefs of Saudi Arabia and fellow expatriate communities, and avoid criticism of them in public or on social media,” the embassy said.


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