Psychological Tests for Housemaids a Must, Says Expert

TAIF: Mohammad Azab, a psychiatrist, criticized recruiting offices for not conducting personal interviews or psychiatric tests for maids to make sure they are free of any neurotic or psychological problems once they reach the Kingdom.

“Some of the maids kill people on the backdrop of strange religious rituals,” he said, stressing the fact that families too are partially responsible in this regard.

“Saudi families in general, despite their past experiences with a certain category of these maids, insist on recruiting domestic help from these countries on the justification of their urgent need for help,” he added.

He described such behavior as ignorant and lacks knowledge altogether.
The psychiatrist was speaking to a local publication in this regard, expressing his surprise on how families have a full background on the risks involving the employment of these nationals, but insist on employing them, claiming they badly need their work although there are other options available.

Meanwhile, the bodies of jurisdiction here in Taif implemented the death penalty on Ethiopian maid Jenat Fareed for killing her Saudi
employer Galia Al-Harthi by hitting her on the head with an ax many times while she was kneeling in prayer and then stole two gold rings and money.

Commenting on the behavior of the Ethiopian maid he said: “The maid might have suffered mental or psychological disorder accompanied by an aggressive attitude that might develop into very explosive emotional expressions.



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