Recruitment Firm Suspended Over Alleged Illegal Deployment

The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) has preventively suspended an employment agency after the hotel employees it supposedly recruited and deployed to Saudi Arabia ended up working as domestic helpers.

In a statement, POEA Administrator Hans Leo Cacdac said the POEA motu propio or on its own filed various recruitment violation cases against Raysa International Smart Employment Services for alleged illegal deployment.

The case stemmed from a report submitted by the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) in Jeddah, which supposedly received a letter from Al Jahora Al Raqia Hotel complaining that the agency illegally deployed Filipino workers under the hotel’s name.

Cacdac said the recruitment firm is facing charges of misrepresentation, falsification, unauthorized recruitment activity, and deploying workers to principals not accredited by the POEA.

While under preventive suspension, Raysa International Smart Employment Services is not allowed to recruit and deploy Filipino workers to other countries, he added.

According to POLO’s report, it has received information from Saudi police about a female Filipino worker found wandering in Tabuk. The woman reportedly told the police that she was deployed to work as a laundry girl at Al Jahora Al Raqia Hotel.

However, upon verification, the hotel manager denied that they are in need of female workers.

She then ended up working as a domestic worker to an Arab couple, who released her after 10 days because she couldn’t speak nor understand Arabic.

The female OFW then worked in another household in Jeddah, but left after she was allegedly maltreated by her employer, whose son even stole money from her.

(Source: KBK, GMA News)

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