Rules to Follow in Job Interviews

When applying to a job, you will first be invited to a job interview, in order for the employer to evaluate your capabilities and potential. That’s why the job interview is considered very important to approve or reject the job application. Therefore, it is necessary to respect the rules of job interviews, since they are the only opportunity to show your personality and prove your abilities and efficiency.

The following rules of job interviews that you should follow:

–       Women should wear a suit, either a knee length skirt or pants with a simple colored shirt and jacket, or a dress with a jacket with pantyhose and court shoes. Accessories and makeup should be simple, and it is preferable to use dark nail polish. Hair should be clean and neat. As for perfumes, it is better to use a light perfume and avoid wearing sunglasses.

–       It is necessary to find out information about the company and the nature of its work, and to prepare questions that show your personality.

–       It is preferable to bring several copies of your resume in a clean envelope.

–       You should arrive 5 or 10 minutes before the interview.

–       Your cell phone should be silent, and you should re-read the resume before the interview so you’re completely familiar with everything you’ve written, then knock the door and enter and wait for someone to indicate to you where to sit.

–       It is preferable to avoid over-the-desk handshaking. With your hand approaching from the side, shake the person’s hand while spelling his full name clearly, and maintain eye contact with the interviewer during the interview.

–       Chewing gun, drinking or anything alike during the interview is strictly forbidden.

–       It is allowed to drink coffee if offered.

–       You can ask about some things regarding the company and its development.

–       It is preferred to send a thank you note by e-mail after the job interview.


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