Security Tightened at Saudi Embassy in Iraq

RIYADH: Security has been tightened at the Saudi Embassy in Iraq after the attacks on the country’s diplomatic mission in Tehran.

This is according to Thamir bin Sabhan Al-Sabhan, the Kingdom’s ambassador in Baghdad. “Security measures have been further enhanced with the help of the local authorities,” he was quoted as saying by a local publication on Monday.

Al-Sabhan said these were precautionary measures and refuted reports that there had been attacks on the country’s embassy in Baghdad. Work at the mission was continuing as normal. There are more than 50 people working at the embassy including Iraqis, he said.

He said that the Kingdom was working with the Iraqi people to restore peace and security to the region, and fight terrorist groups.

Al-Sabhan was the first ambassador appointed in Iraq after 24 years. The Kingdom closed its embassy in Baghdad in 1991 after Saddam Hussein’s regime invaded Kuwait. Al-Sabhan is a former Saudi military attaché to Lebanon.

Relations between Saudi Arabia and Iraq have improved markedly since Haider Al-Abadi took over as prime minister in September 2014.

There have also been reports of the Kingdom strengthening security at its embassy in Lebanon. The embassy’s staff were notified that they should remain indoors to prevent being targeted by supporters of Iran in the country.


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