Simple Financial Tips for OFWs

Just a simple financial tips for those fellows who are working overseas for the first time. 

1. After paying off your debts at home (I’m sure you do), save as much as you can. 

2. Aside from your compulsory savings by your employers (if you have this scheme), save at least 5% or less from your salary. If you are sending money at home, save some amount for yourself- set a target. Having a target will make you oblige to do such. 

3. Try not to be a compulsive buyer. Only buy the things you needed and can bring home. A “little” luxury is alright if done minimally. Have you counted how many pairs of shoes you have, how many winter clothes (you can’t bring them home, for Pete’s sake), how many pairs of Levi’s jeans? You might be putting up a boutique with your collections.

4. This works for me: every time you buy, convert that amount in Pesos, and that will have a kind of psychological effect (I am buying this thing for this amount?! Geez!). 

5. Talk to your family at home to be economically responsible. Tell them the truth that burning your ass abroad is no easy task. Let them help you spend your money wisely. You are not just plucking dollars from a tree. You work for it! 

6. If you have enough savings, do a little marketing study. Invest your money so it will grow. Don’t just put it in your piggy bank. 

7. If you don’t want to take the risk of having a business, buy something that will last – land, properties. Don’t buy a “bahay kubo”. 

8. Ask your family to start a business of its own so they won’t be dependent on you. On top of the money you are sending, they are earning, as well. 

9. Be practical. If you are sending packages at home every month or every other month, then stop! Don’t you realize that you are paying double or triple for that Barbie doll or box of chocolates (unit price + currency valuation+freight cost+effort)? Tell your family not to envy your neighbours who are receiving packages every month from their “financier” abroad. You’ll have your packages in due time as well. 



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