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Hong Kong has repealed a provision under the Employment Ordinance that allows employers to sack workers – foreign domestic helpers included – who do not want to get vaccinated against Covid-19.

A statement released by the government said, “Starting from today, there is no longer any provision under the Employment Ordinance relating to vaccination request. Any such request made under the Employment Ordinance prior to this date ceases to have effect.”

The government earlier announced that following the removal of the vaccine pass requirement, the vaccination provisions introduced in the EO in June 2022 will be repealed from today, June 16, 2023.

Previously, employees who failed to comply with a legitimate vaccination request by an employer was a “valid reason” for dismissal or variation of a contract.

Employers are now advised that the vaccination requests they made earlier will cease to have effect from today.

This means, workers can no longer be dismissed for failing to comply with such a request, even if their employer had managed to obtain permission to enforce such an action previously.

Source: The SUN HK : Workers can no longer be compelled to get Covid-19 vaccine (

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