TRAFFIC ADVISORY | Govt Posts Metro Traffic Rerouting Scheme

November 2, 2015 5:05 PM

MANILA – To help minimize inconvenience to the public, the government has released information on traffic and rerouting schemes to be implemented in Metro Manila from November 16-20, during the APEC Economic Leaders’ Week.

As host of this year’s Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) meetings, the Philippines will be welcoming leaders and delegates from all over the world for the APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting (AELM), which will be held in Manila from November 18 to 19.

These dates have earlier been announced as special non-working days.

“Notably,” a statement from the Office of Presidential Spokesman Edwin Lacierda indicated on Monday, “special APEC lanes will be set up along EDSA and Roxas Boulevard.

“For EDSA, only APEC vehicles will be allowed on the innermost two lanes of both the northbound and southbound sides. All other lanes, however, will remain open for non-APEC vehicles.

“For Roxas Boulevard, only APEC vehicles will be allowed on the southbound side, while the entire northbound side — which will be made two-way — will remain open for non-APEC vehicles.”

Additionally, in the interest of security, certain roads around the CCP Complex Area and MOA Arena Area will also be closed to traffic

“From November 16 to 20, there will be a daytime truck ban along the South Truck Route. Trucks will only be allowed to use the route from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. Roxas Boulevard, however, will remain under a 24-hour truck ban.”

The full list of road advisories, including infographics and alternate routes, is available on the APEC Philippines web site, [].

That web page also contains a reminder that security will be tight at all NAIA Terminals on November 17, 19, and 20, and that a no-fly zone will be implemented on these dates.

Travelers are advised to take note of these advisories and plan their trips accordingly.

“We are hoping for the public’s understanding,” Lacierda said. “These changes are necessary to ensure the security of our APEC visitors, and to decongest their routes as they travel between venues.

“Again, we wish to emphasize that the Philippines stands to reap many benefits from this hosting, which has already boosted our reputation as a prime tourism and business destination.

“It is our hope that the public will be able to work with our traffic and security officers toward a successful conclusion to our APEC hosting year.”



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