UAE Visa Seekers may Soon be Able to Apply for it Online

DUBAI: The UAE visa applicants will be soon able to submit their requests online at the Dubai Naturalization and Residency Department’s (DNRD) website, Brigadier Hussain Ibrahim Ahmed, Assistant to the Director General of the Corporate Support Sector, DNRD, has said.

Noting that the paper applications shall remain optional for individuals, he was quoted as saying by Khaleej Times that the DNRD has been planning to decrease the number of customers and people, who regularly visits the head office of the DNRD and its 27 branches.

“The DNRD plans to touch the cap of 80 percent by 2018 and resorts to the smart applications and online applications rather than the traditional methods,” Hussain reportedly said.

The electronic link to a number of relevant government departments and institutions such as the Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA), Ministry of Health, the municipality and others, has wrapped up, he was quoted as saying by the Dubai-based news portal.



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