VIDEO | 4 Pangasinan Towns may be Placed Under State of Calamity as Dengue Cases Rise by 60%

By: Mia Reyes, News5
October 7, 2015 2:23 AM


Ten towns in the province of Pangasinan have been placed under the dengue watchlist, four of which may be declared under a state of calamity, as cases of the deadly disease rose by 60 percent.

From January to October, more than 3,000 dengue cases have been recorded so far, with 12 deaths.

The Department of Health said there will be more cases of dengue in the country due to the El Nino weather phenomenon.

It explained that as El Nino worsens, people would naturally want to store water in containers.

But the improper storage of water may result in the proliferation of breeding grounds for dengue-bearing mosquitoes.

Here’s a News5 video report by Mia Reyes:



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