VIDEO | Airline Firms Vow Hassle-Free Check-In at NAIA for Yuletide Travelers

By: Gerard dela Pena, News5
December 21, 2015 10:38 PM

Airline companies at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport are now making sure that they have adequate personnel to man their check-in counters to avoid a repeat of last year’s Christmas season hassle wherein hundreds of passengers were not able to travel during the holiday rush.

On the last Monday before Christmas, the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) estimated that around 100,000 people were already taking early flights to avoid the big surge in passenger volume during the Christmas break.

Last year’s problem at the airport prompted Congress to investigate allegations that airline companies overbooked their flights, though the latter insisted that they just lacked check-in personnel.

MIAA spokesperson David de Castro said in a text message that “[Airlines] have given MIAA their commitment that they will deploy more people as needed. Likewise, government agencies operating at the NAIA have been given the same directive to have enough people and to process passengers efficiently.”

Security personnel were also increased at the NAIA.

Police Chief Inspector Samuel Hojilla, spokesman of the Aviation Security Group, said they are implementing strict security measures especially during the peak season.

Amidst the “laglag-bala” or bullet-planting scam at NAIA, it is not unusual to see passengers lugging baggage mummy-bound in polyethylene wrap or straitjacket-lashed with packing tape to avoid becoming victims of the extortion scheme.

On Monday morning, a caliber .40 bullet was left by a passenger at a security booth outisde NAIA Terminal 3.

Hojilla said some passengers are still not aware of the strict ban on bringing ammunitions at the airport.

Meanwhile, low-cost carrier Cebu Pacific on Monday said that all battery-operated personal transportation devices, such as hoverboards, will be prohibited on board its aircraft.



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