Wage Problem Forces 11 Pinoys to Live in Office in Australia –Reports

Eleven Filipinos were reportedly forced to live in the office of Schneider Elevators Australasia after the company stopped paying their wages.

Craig Kelly of the Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union told the Sydney Morning Herald that the elevator company stopped paying correct wages and overtime pay to the Filipinos and six other nationals six weeks ago.

He also accused the company of secretly deducting fees from the workers’ salaries, leaving them with weekly take-home wages of $150 to $500.

While the workers have already been moved to a hotel, the Filipinos still feel that they are “in slavery treatment” of their employer and had no money in their pockets.

Kelly said in a report on 9 News Australia that the workers were brought in with 457 visas on a promise of “lucrative wages to send back to their families.”

However, the workers “find themselves exploited, paid well below local industry standards.”

The 457 visa allows skilled workers to work for their sponsor in Australia for up to four years and bring their family with them for work or study.

According to SMH, Schneider Elevators Australasia managing director Terrence Donnelly declined to respond to all requests for comments.

(Source: Rie Takumi/KBK, GMA News)

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